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DambiaND Candle Set - DC 01

Cassidy Creek

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This trio of candles will bring life to your table through the sense of smell. This candle set contains the Druid class candle, along with Shrine and Acorn Mead candles. Also, within your class candle is a metal D20 that has not been touched anything in the material plane and sealed in a baggy to ensure your rolls are untainted.

Druid: An earth scent of oak moss and amber blended together to create an aroma every Druid would love. Get in touch with the material plane as your take in this addicting fragrance.

Shrine: This is a warm and sweet, woodsy sandalwood fragrance that many commoners use to express gratitude at various shrines. This fragrance would make any Deity happy!

Acorn Mead: This fragrance is a warm and invigorating acorn fragrance that will brighten a room and life spirits. Acorn mead is so delicious, even the Elves come to town to have a pint!

Please burn with caution and follow burning instructions on bottom of the candle. Remove from any packaging before burning. Once your metal D20 is visible or there is less than 2 inches of wax left, you can retrieve it by extinguishing your candle and use a spoon to fish it out. Any Wax residue on the D20 can be washed with Soap and water.